Leasing or Renting an apartment effortlessly on Airbnb is always a concern for many people, so what is Airbnb? No matter you are the lease or renter for the upcoming trip, this content is made for you!

What is Airbnb ?

It stands for Air-bed and breakfast, or Airbnb (“Air-b-n-b”) for short. Air bnb is an online community marketplace that connects people looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for affordable accommodations through a simple mobile application.
Airbnb is considered to have the similar model with Grab or Uber in Vietnam to share the same sharing economy.

What is airbnb

Airbnb can be connected by anyone, no matter you are the lease or the renter. Payment can be done easily via credit card. In fact, Air bnb will charge 3% from the lease and 6 -> 12% from the renter.

The basic difference between Airbnb and the common booking sites

There are many differences between Airbnb and the common booking sites:


  • All the rooms for rent on Air bnb are managed and own by the owner
  • Any individual or unit can become the lease of that property. They only need to legally own or operate the property.
  • There’s no law or standard for room quality on Airbnb. Therefore , you can operate your own business and get profit from Airbnb, even there’s only one room left in your family.

#Common booking sites (Agoda, Booking.com, Hotels.com,…)

  • Most of the lease on these websites belongs to hotels/resort/hostel, which means those businesses all have a tax code, a complete organizational structure and a personnel system.
  • The room must completely satisfy certain guidelines of value and administrations gave by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism.

What benefits will you get from Airbnb?

The equivalent is the lodging booking application, however Air bnb has more preeminent features than other booking applications:

Cheaper price compare to Hotels

Since the operator of the property doesn’t lose or pay cost for example staff, the executives, room administration,.. the vast majority of the room rates posted on Airbnb are less expensive than regular hotels or the other applications.

#Multiple options

There is always an option that suites your needs on Air bnb, such as private room, studio, shared room, apartment,…

#Exceptional experience

Aibnb basically is where locals live and open for rentals, you will have and chance to taste, stay and experience their daily activities.

#Included services

Most of the Airbnb apartments in Ho Chi Minh City are independent and completely furnished, includes wifi, kitchen, washing machine, fridge and numerous spots likewise have pools… Cause you to feel like comfortable like home.

#Self check in and check out

Guests renting accommodations on Airbnb Saigon can have self check in and check out. You and the owner will concede to the passcode first by calling or messaging. It’s not only save your time but also increase the privacy. Setting Vietnamese on Airbnb will make things easier.

# Easy communication with the owner

In order to exchange important information about booking or accommodation , you can communicate with the owner via Air bnb chat box.

House rental experience via Airbnb

After knowing what is Airbnb and you’re having a few property ready to be leased . Presenting to you our Easy 3 steps procedure, which can help you organize and submit your accommodations status on Airbnb more convenient.

The orders of steps shall be as follow

#Step 1: Fill in your rooms information

firstly, you need to reach Airbnb website https://www.airbnb.co.uk/ and sign up for your account ( it’s possible to log in with Facebook, Email,… or sign up for a new account).

Airbnb currently offer 25 – 37 USD when user register an account with a referral link. Therefore, to use this type of donation, you need to look for links on social networks.

Go to become a host on the homepage and selecr Host a home to list your room on Air bnb. You need to fill out the details about the room you wish to lease in this step. You should choose Host a experience for your own accommodation’s experience.

Next, you need to fill in 3 tabs

  • Tab 1: Start with the basic
  • Tab 2: Set the scene
  • Tab 3: Get ready for guest.

You can switch to Vietnamese as we shared, if you’re not used to English and follow Airbnb’s instruction to finish your form.

#Step 2: upload outstanding photos of your room

Pointing out the beauty of your room is the key to vistors, putting more effort to your photoshoots will never be a waste. Taking colorful, detailed pictures which can show all the convinience from your accommodation. In fact, good photos always have an actraction to everyone.

Airbnb highly recommended you to upload around 8 photos, which include photos from different angles, corners, view from windows and the convinience from your room.

#Step 3: Complete the procudure and the tax form

At this stage, you need to know about local regulations on Buisiness license registration, tax declaration, temporary absent statements, foreigner registration,… by following the instruction form and get a confirmation from the People’s Committee at where you live.

Note: this step can be done before or after your rooms list get submitted on Airbnb.

Above are what we share on “What is Airbnb? House rental experience on Airbnb. Hopefully these will be useful information for ones who own leasing properties (hotel, inn, hostel,..). Don’t forget to follow up Minh Huongw Pynie’s upcoming content.